Engineer: 1 to 1
Engineer: 1 to 1

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Who can be an engineer?
All states require that engineers must be licensed in order to practice as Professional Engineers. Some states require additional accreditation in order to be a Structural Engineer or a Civil Engineer (or Mechanical Engineer).

A licensed engineers may be referred to as an engineering consultant (or engineering consultants). A group of engineers working together are sometimes referred to as an engineering company (or engineering companies), an engineering business (or engineering businesses) or an engineering firm (or engineering firms).
How to find an Engineer with specific Engineering skills?
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Can an Engineer help?
Lockhart Structural engineers use their creativity and experience to design or advise on structures that can safely support and resist the loads they are subjected to, and meet the building codes. Structural engineers in Lockhart provide engineering design for individual structural elements of a structure (e.g. the beams, columns, floors, walls and staircases of a building) as well as the structural design and integrity of an entire system, such as a building. Civil Engineers work on large-scale construction projects such as roads, bridges and tunnels. Mechanical engineers focus on the moving parts, such as elevators.
What can a skilled Engineer do?
The best structural engineers in Lockhart work with architects and contractors to execute complex building designs. The engineering services are often specialized in particular fields, such as bridge engineering, building engineering, home construction, industrial structures, or special mechanical structures.